Our Research

Research description:

The Environmental Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Group’s research is focused on two main themes which are inextricably connected. Our primary objective is to investigate, using numerical simulations, the physics of the interplay between turbulence and internal gravity waves in both mid-water and near the bottom/top and lateral boundaries of the ocean and lakes. At the foundation of these computational studies lie in-house-designed high-resolution/high-accuracy element-based numerical methods. These numerical techniques, often borrowing from the cutting-edge of computational mathematics, allow for robust and reliable long-time simulations of the physical processes of interest at governing parameter values as close as possible to those encountered in the natural environment. Intrinsic to our research is the use of high-performance parallel scientific computing and advanced visualization tools. Our research is inherently interdisciplinary and involves interactions with researchers in theoretical and experimental fluid dynamics, physical oceanography and limnology, applied mathematics, computer science, marine biology and ocean acoustics.